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Embed Scripts

The --embed option spits out a js file instead of html.
Serve the js like any other static asset and embed it in pages like you would a github gist.

paint allocate.rs --embed -nb > example.js
/// A hacky way to allocate/deallocate in rust stable (`alloc::heap` is still unstable)
/// rust-lang/rfcs#1974
/// https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/27389
pub fn allocate(length: usize) -> *mut c_void {
    let mut v = Vec::with_capacity(length);
    let ptr = v.as_mut_ptr();

fn deallocate(ptr: *mut c_void, length: usize) {
    std::mem::drop(Vec::from_raw_parts(ptr, 0, length));

Include the script anywhere on a page and it'll render the snippet on page load:

<p>This was loaded from a script</p>
<div class="embedded">
<script src="./example.js"></script>

This was loaded from a script 👇